Kapok seedpod

There’s nothing like ink drawing on a quiet and rainy night… of all the mediums I’ve tried I find the greatest joy in drawing with ink. The flow is better as you no longer have to think about colours and you can focus on building shape and texture.

Kapok seedpod (Ceiba pendantra), 2019
Brown ink and white chalk on recycled paper
The Kapok Tree is part of the Hibiscus family, Malvaceae, and is one of the Earth’s giants. It can grow up to 70 meters high and produce up to 4000 fruits about 15 cm long. Each capsule contains about 200 seeds, surrounded by fibers that are 8 times lighter than cotton. All parts of the tree are used: the woody part of Kapok fruit is used for fire, the fruit fibers for filling feathers, mattresses and lifejackets, oil is extracted from oil for the manufacture of soap and the leaves, resin and tree bark have medicinal properties.

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