Tillandsia ionantha

I love this little aerial plant and I am starting to appreciate more and more how ethical is the way of life of most plants compared to that of animals.

What I find extraordinary about aerial plants is that they do not require land to live. Depending on the habitat, some species do not develop roots (aerophytes) or, if they develope roots, they did so only to attach themselves to other plants (epiphytes), but without parasite them. They seem to live on air, and in fact this happens: they get their water and nutrients from the air through the leaves, so if you own such a plant, all you have to do is spray it from time to time.

Like any bromeliad, after flowering, it develops offspring on the side that can be detached from the mother when it reaches about half its height.

Tillandsia ionantha (2019)
Brown chalk and ink on handmade paper.

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