Winter blooms – Hippeastrum

A common christmas flower, Hippeastrum is also incorrectly known as amaryllis. It is native of South America and this why it flowers in northern hemisphere in winter time.
It`s always dazzling to see how from that medium sized bulb, half exposed, accompanied by one or two small leaves, in less than a week grows a long, sturdy stem and, at the end of it, it develops a huge umbel of beautiful, intensely colored flowers. Everything is imppressive about it: the overlapping tepals of the buds, the veins on the tepals that lead to the dark, velvety center of the flower, the curved filaments of the stamens, the changing structure of anthers…
This is study page of the first blooming stages of the plant. I wish I had more time for it, but I consider it a work in progress, to be continued next year, during Christmas time.

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