Plans during pandemic. April

If I`m healthy and the only inconvenient we live as a family is this lockdown, here are my plans for the following month:

    • Regaining my peace of mind. I did not own a tv since 2006. I never had the habit of watching online media. I quit browsing social media feeds about 5 years ago. Until few weeks ago, I did not know who is the prime minister of my country or if Angela Merkel is still chancellor. I lived in a perfect bubble. My life was all about work, study and REAL experiences. And now this… Media makes you feel like the end of the world is coming. 86 400 times a day if you don’t count the commercial breaks. And maybe it is. But I’d rather not know. When I wake up in the morning I want to think at the morphology of some plant or the perfect drawings of Rafael or my paintings and not to let my head be inundated by tremendous fears and stupid questions like… “are we allowed to go two people in the car at shopping” (what??) Therefore, in order to keep the mind creative and focused is imperative to not watch tv, online media or social media feeds. Let`s see how that goes…
    • Finishing the first of the big drawing series (I think I will call it 42) and start a new one:
    • Finishing a drawing in one of the old masters styles, brown ink highlighted with white chalk or bodycolour on blue tinted paper:
    • Continuing the 11 series with seasonal flowers:
    • Continuing the natural prints series:
    • Uploading original artwork and prints. This winter I bought the perfect paper for reproductions, it`s time to cut it and send it to print (if the printing house is still working).
    • Reading and writing. I don’t know yet what the book will be or if it will be one, but the south-window facing desk is covered with scribbled notebooks, so… I am writing.
    • Starting a series of oil paintings.
    • Making sketches just for fun:
    • Enjoying the garden, which, despite everything, is looking fabulous!

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