(it should be) The best time of the year

So lucky to have a garden during these times, but I really miss my daily walks and looking at horizons. I also planned making a comparative study of Magnolia flowers for about 14 species in a nearby arboretum. Next year, maybe… I`m sketching in the garden, taking photos or just enjoying the sun, continuing my series of natural prints and in-studio drawings, but something does not feel right. A mixed feeling of being trapped, frustration, lack of hope, uncertainty sliding towards the certainty of a future avalanche of bad news, it`s preventing me for being as happy or as productive as I could be. Working like crazy to forget problems seemed a good solution last year… but after you do in 6 months the work you are supposed to complete in 6 years, what do you do next? As I was writing these words it came to my mind that it would not be a bad idea to enroll in Sam Harris’s meditation course, something I wanted to do for years. I will let you know how that goes.

Here`s the last natural print I`ve done of Taraxacum officinale (dandelion):

Dandelion seeds closeups:

Sketching in the garden:

Red garden in the evening:
AnemoneLily of the valley

(Cover photo: Deborah Griscom, 1911)

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