A selection of Magnolias

The quarantine here is over, so last week illustration was dedicated to Magnolia flowers. I`m lucky to live nearby an Arboretum with 17 species and varieties of Magnolia trees and more than 40 specimens. Walking through an area dominated by these magnificent trees, especially those with big leaves, like macrophylla and obovata, feels like a walk in an lush, ancient, tropical forest… I wanted the illustration to convey this feeling, I hope I succeeded.

Magnolia acuminata; Magnolia kobus; Magnolia macrophylla; Magnolia virginiana; Magnolia liliiflora

First two of the Magnolia flowers selection: acuminata and kobus. Acuminata, also called cucumber tree, is probably my favourite magnolia with its less conspicuous flowers but nevertheless gorgeous. Petals are yellow at the interior and deep green-blue outside, making flowers hard to distinguish among the foliage. They resemble somewhat those of the tuliptree, which is a close relative, but the cucumbertree blooms earlier in the season.
Did you know that Magnoliids are the closest living descendants of the first flowering plants to appear on the Earth?

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