Between Art and Science

These days my creative work is divided between Botanical Portraits and the Botanical Journal.Drawing portraits of plants is mostly about beauty and art. Using old masters techniques and translating them into what I think I can call already my own handwriting, I try to capture the essence, the graceful movement, the perfection I see in … Continue reading Between Art and Science

Patreon page is on

"I used to lie down on the grass and draw the blades as they grew, until every square foot of meadow, or mossy bank, became a possession of me." - John Ruskin. I`m happy to announce that my Patreon page is on.Part teaching, part sharing. Art is the love of my life, a consuming obsession, … Continue reading Patreon page is on

Sketching Flowers – 23. Parnassia palustris

Parnassia palustris, called the Grass of Parnassus by Dioscorides is actually not a grass, but a dicot, member of Celastraceae family, the one in which the recently drawn spindle (Euonymus) is also included. The 10-20 cm stem spring from a cluster of smooth heart-shaped leaves and beautifies bogs and alpine areas with its delicate white … Continue reading Sketching Flowers – 23. Parnassia palustris

Daily Sketches – June 30 Flowers – 16. Spathiphyllum

Today I sketched the inflorescence of Spathiphyllum. Aroid species produce blooms consisting of one modified leaf called spathe (sometimes of bright colour, like in Anthurium) and a spike-like structure called spadix along the length of which are hundreds of tiny flowers. Spathiphyllum have "perfect flowers" which bear both male and female organs. The diamond-shaped structure … Continue reading Daily Sketches – June 30 Flowers – 16. Spathiphyllum