Daily Sketches – 17. Molucella laevis

Today’s sketch is of Molucella laevis, also called Bells of Ireland. The plant has nothing to do with Ireland, except the striking green color, being original from Turkey, Syria and Asia.

Inflorescences are arranged in whorls of 6-8 around the stem and they are composed of a large cup-shaped calyx and a white or purple-pink, small, 5-petal flower. The 4 stamens and the forked style are held beneath the upper lip of the flower.

I prefer this plant in September when it’s dry, the plant becomes white, ghostly, with a paper-like texture, I think it would be a great subject for an ink illustration.

Molucella laevis, green (June-July) and dried (September). Botanical Garden, Cluj-Napoca.

In today’s tutorial I draw I sketch with ink and watercolor the green calyx and the flower of this unusual looking plant.

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