How to Draw Botanical Art like the Old Masters – Video Tutorial

I uploaded a new class on my Patreon on how to draw a Physalis fruit with fruit with sanguine on red prepared paper.

The method was largely used by the old renaissance masters and most of the botanical masterpieces of Leonardo are made by this red-on-red technique. Sanguine, a soft stone with a high content of iron oxide, was traditionally employed to draw organic subjects and it has been highly valued due to the possibility of varying the line and of a fine rendering of shadows that gave the drawings elegance and refinement.

Leonardo da Vinci – Botanical Drawings © Royal Collection Trust

The one hour video is divided into two parts:

In the first video I will talk about preparatory sketches (gestural drawings, proportion, volume and tonal studies) and the materials used for the background and the drawing.

In the second part I will take you through the steps of how to build the form of the fruit, how to look at the subject, where to start your drawing and how to create the 3D look.

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