12 thoughts on “Pseudotsuga menziesii

  1. Roxane says:

    There is something so poetic about your pen and ink botanicals, that I come back often to peruse the pages of your blog. I am smitten. Is there a place where I might purchase your work or prints? Also, would you mind sharing what kind of brown ink you use? I like to sketch in brown ink but have so many unused bottles of ink sitting around because I was unhappy with the tone. The only two I like are Monteverdi Brown, and Platinum Sepia.

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  2. Alina Lupu says:

    Thank you, Roxane! I`m often told that my work is poetic, but I think it is an attribute of the medium, the ink and also of the subject, nature is such a show off! I will open a shop soon, I wait for a special paper to come from Italy, because I want the prints to have the same organic feel to them as the originals. I use Colorex inks from Pebeo, a whole range from yellowish brown to dark: tawny, tobacco, sepia and trichromatic black and sanguine for the red tints. To be honest I prefer black ink, but Chinese ink contains shellac and clogs the nib a lot. I find it very hard to work with. What brand of ink are yours?


  3. Roxane says:

    For black ink, I love Platinum Carbon Ink. It also is waterproof which I like as I can do washes over it and it doesn’t budge. It is fabulous in a fountain pen also. The Platimun Pigment Ink in Braun sepia is nice also and waterproof, but it is fairly new to me. Koh-I-noor makes a nice authentic sepia drawing ink, also waterproof. I LOVE Monteverde brown marrion cafe, but when I looked for a link to send to you, I found that either they discontinued this color or changed it’s name. I plan to write them, as it stirred a panic because I LOVE this color. Two other favorites are Noodler’s Black Swan in English Roses, (This is a brownish red with black undertones. I think you might like it.) and Diamine Ancient Copper! This color makes me swoon! Lol. The last two are not waterproof though.

    I follow your blog on Feedly, and will watch for an announcement for when you have prints for sale. I am happy that you are sticking to an organic looking paper. That has been a huge charm of your drawings. I love the ones done on recycled paper and kraft paper. More artists ought to break the rules. Have you tried Stonehenge, or Hotpress watercolor paper? I have thought of both, but have not tried. Stonehenge might be too soft, but It comes in some wonderful earthy colors and feels and looks more organic than other papers.

    Thank you for sharing the info on your inks! I had never heard of these, and will definitely be purchasing to try in the future!

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    • Alina Lupu says:

      Gorgeous… I need to make a flickr account and follow your posts!
      Until last autumn I lived in an apartment in a big city. I didn’t even have a balcony. I filled the place with tropical houseplants and I went on a regular basis to the botanical garden, but, man… to have your own patch of land, to plant bulbs, to see plants growing, to observe their relation with the surroundings every day… it`s invaluable. Last week I started to watch during dinner Gardeners` World with Monty Don :). I think I`m getting the gardening bug.


  4. Roxane says:

    I would be flattered! I often wonder what the neighbors think when I am out at 6:00 am every morning, just walking and looking with a cup of coffee in hand, checking to see what changes the new day has brought. I never fails to amaze and thrill me. I hope you are in a place to begin your own garden. It will bring a lifetime of joy to you and others. I live in town and people walk by or drive by just to see the gardens, and it thrills me that I can help provide some joy and beauty in other peoples lives. It’s so rewarding to the heart.


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