Botanical study – Leycesteria formosa

Beyond the apparent complexity of a plant you can find the simplest and the most beautiful geometric structures. Leycesteria formosa, the Himalayan honeysuckle, has an attractive, vertical port, intense green leaves and pendulous clusters with purple-red bracts under which are found both delicate white flowers and dark purple fruits. The botanical study is made after … Continue reading Botanical study – Leycesteria formosa

Chimonanthus and hammamelis – flower and fruit sketch

I think it`s time to say goodbye to the winter. A last look at this two beautiful winter shrubs: Chimonanthus praecox and Hammamelis virgiana. I wanted to know more about the apparent complicated structure of Chimonanthus and I was so happy to find a witch-hazel with seedpods among the flowers. Chimonanthus praecox - flower morphology … Continue reading Chimonanthus and hammamelis – flower and fruit sketch