Botanical Journaling – September 2020

Botanical journaling, september 2020:

  • Lysimachia monelli formely known as Anagallis monelli (the blue pimpernel)
  • Exochorda x macrantha fruits (pearlbush) – dried specimen
  • unripe fruits of Ilex aquifolium
  • Andricus quercuscalicis gall on a Quercus robur acorn
  • mature fruits of Tilia cordata
Lysimachia monelli
Exochorda x macrantha
Andricus quercuscalicis gall & Ilex aquifolium
Tilia cordata

Art materials: sepia Copic Multiliner, watercolour, Canson Artbook One sketchbook.

Locations: Hunedoara`s garden, Simeria Arboretum.

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