Daily Sketches – June 30 Flowers – 1. Fuchsia

Starting today, I will upload a video daily on my Patreon, within a project spread throughout June in which I will draw a botanical topic per day. June is dedicated to flowers.

I will draw with ink and watercolor on a A3 paper, grid of 5x5cm squares, with an empty space on the right for names and other information.

I think it will be interesting to see how we approach in drawing various floral shapes and if this limited frame of expression will boost my creativity.

I’m starting my June series of daily sketches with flowers from my garden and the first one is the beautiful flower of Fuchsia.
Fuchsia is a shrub or tree with very decorative flowers, native to South America.
The flowers are pendulous and their appearance varies greatly, from the long thin bells of F. triphilla to the more common look of Fuchsia campos-portoi or P. magellanica, and the colourful flore pleno of hibrid fuchsias.

1. Fuchsia paniculata (Stan Shebs, via Wikimedia Commons) 2. Fuchsia splendens (Stan Shebs, via Wikimedia Commons) 3. Fuchsia procumbens (Dominicus Johannes Bergsma, via Wikimedia Commons) 4. Fuchsia excorticata (Tony Wills, via Wikimedia Commons) 5. Fuchsia triphylla 
Left:  Fuchsia campos-portoi; Right: Fuchsia hybrida

The flower composition is very simple: four oval, slender sepals, usually reflexed, joined at the base in a tubular calyx and 4 broader petals, often overlapping. The calyx and the corolla are frequently of contrasting colors.

Ovary is inferior, that is, located bellow the point of attachment of the outer three floral whorls (calyx, corolla, androecium).

Stamens 8, longer than the petals, and 1 style, usually longer than the stamens, with a 4-lobed stigma.  In their native areas pollination is done mainly by hummingbirds.

In my drawing I represented a flower from my garden, a typical hybrid with 4 petals.

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Every day of June I will post a video tutorial in which I will draw a flower from scratch. You will learn how flowers are composed, how to sketch and render them realistically using ink and watercolor.

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