Daily Sketches – June 30 Flowers – 12. Vicia grandiflora

There were so many of these flowers in the meadows at the end of May, I liked them so much! I can say that I’m more attracted to the pinnate leaves and the tendrils from the end of the leaves stalk with which the plant clings to absolutely everything it finds around it, than the actual flowers.

The flowers have the usual pea-like flower structure: 5 sepals and 5 petals (one broad standard; 2 wings and 2 forming the keel, which covers the stamens, style and ovary).

We will take a closer look at the morphology of this type of flower tomorrow, when we will draw the black locust flower, with which the vetch is related.

In today’s tutorial I’m sketching with ink and watercolor a flower of Vicia grandiflora and a stem of leaves.

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